Bake Sales Blog

Hello, Austin! Let’s Get Started!

We just wrapped up another great sale with the folks of Austin Bakes, and are finally ready to start working on our first Big Bake Sale, The Big Bake Sale for Social Justice. This project has been in our hearts for several months now, and we’re excited to start working on making it a reality.

The goal of our first sale will be to raise funds for two organizations that help to fight for social justice on a regular basis, Southern Poverty Law Center and The Anti-Defemation League.

It’s our dream to encourage love, diversity, and peace during every event. Eventually, we’d like to be handing out literature from our partners along with the cookies we bake, hosting peaceful activism events, building communities through family friendly events, and hosting educational workshops with community leaders. I would love to see this become more than just a bake sale, but also an opportunity to help make this world we live in a better place, by opening hearts and minds in our local communities.

For now, we’re focusing on baking cookies and raising cash for the people who are already out there making a difference. Will you join us?

We will need YOUR help to make this thing a success. In order to throw a great bake sale, we’ll need:

  • Bakers of all skill levels (home bakers and pros are both welcome)
  • A core group of dedicated volunteers to help organize each event and shape the future of the group
  • Volunteers to operate sale tables
  • Volunteers to assist with marketing
  • Volunteers to coordinate our efforts with sponsors and business partners
  • Volunteers to coordinate with local organizations related to our cause
  • Volunteers to assist with admin operations including cash handling and volunteer coordination
  • Volunteers to help with graphic design, web admin, etc.
  • Donations of print materials, sale supplies, and operational fees

To join us in our cause: 

  1. Fill out our online application. We’ll be in touch with potential opportunities for you to help share your skills!
  2. Join our Facebook volunteer group. This is where most of our communication and discussion will take place.


What’s next?

We need to pick a date and a venue for our first big sale. Once we have our core group of volunteers in place, we’ll start talking about specific dates and goals.